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Lama Chopa Commentary (3rd part) – Ven. Gajang Gazi Rinpoche

25 May - 14:00 - 26 May - 14:00

Saturday 25th and 26th of may from 14.00 to 17.00
Ven. Gajang Gazi Rinpoche

The (in Sanskrit Gurupuja) is a very rich and elaborate practice that includes several important meditations for the accumulation of positive energy and the purification of negativities that are part of both the vehicle of the Sutra and that of the Tantra, such as the Practice in Seven Branches, the Guruyoga, the offering of the Tzog and the meditation on the stages of the Path. In monasteries and in Dharma Centers it is usually celebrated collectively, on the occasion of ceremonies, on the basis of a specific ritual to which they belong integrating also songs and symbolic gestures (Mudra). It is important to know this practice in depth because it enables us to practice together with the other disciples, accumulating positive energy, not only individually, but also collectively. This is of great benefit to our life and our practice and to the spreading preservation of the Dharma. To participate in teaching it is necessary to have received an initiation from the Upper Tantra, such as Yamantaka, Hayagriva, Vajrayogini, Kalachakra …



25 May - 14:00
26 May - 14:00


Ghe Pel Ling – institute for the study of Tibetan Buddhism
via Euclide 17
Milano, Milano 20128 Italia
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